How it works

Smart Money lets you define who, where, when, and how money can be spent (and everything in between). It’s perfect for government stimulus, event money and global brands.

Dynamic value you control

You can set your Smart Money spending value dynamically or manage it manually. Increase demand during down time or increase pricing during peak hours.

Trigger actions

Trigger actions on purchases like sending a percentage to charity, adjust messaging based on a customer’s balance or available assets or automatically offer higher value Smart Money on high cost orders.


Choose who can spend your Smart Money via ID verification or setting restriction rules.

Spending entitlements

You can grant spending entitlements of your Smart Money to certain people or groups for certain times or other restrictions.

Built in verification

With Smart Money you’ll never have to check ID again. Your Smart Money can automatically disable purchasing until your customer verifies ID. Items can be restricted for purchase by specific age(s).


Define how your Smart Money can be used - like if it can be traded, messaged or what it can be spent on.

Global reach

Your Smart Money can enable borderless payments from anywhere, with verified ID, low fees and fast transaction confirmation.

Spending locations

You can set where your Smart Money can be spent. Define by industry sector, geo-location, region, or even individual participating stores.


Define how your Smart Money can be used - like if it can be traded, messaged or what it can be spent on.

Message money

Send and receive Smart Money as easily as sending a chat message. Communicate with customers using truly private tools.

Spending restrictions

Smart Money can embody spending rules on what or how much can be spent.

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